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Building up to a great year

There’s little doubt that 2015 was a good year for many of our customers and, as a result, for us here at Peppard Building Supplies.


Locally there’s been a lot of activity in the property market. The relaxation of planning regulations has undoubtedly helped homeowners and developers move forward with projects.


Along with new homes being built, as house prices increased, many people have opted to extend their properties rather than move, making brisk business for the trade.


There’s little sign of that pace slowing down. Having spoken to many of our leading customers, the consensus is that we are looking at another positive 12 months ahead.


Here at Peppard, having recently recruited two new salespeople, we are looking to expand the team once more to ensure that as you – and we – get busier customers still get a great level of service.


Among those new openings will be a sales manager. This will be a key position for someone who will look after our customers and ensure you receive an exceptional level of service.


On the supply side, after far too many of these columns talking about shortages, I’m pleased to say that manufacturers have caught up with demand. This in turn should mean stable prices for the foreseeable future.


The only caveat to that good news is that aggregates continue to be under localised pressure due to lack of supply.


As we move into spring, in response to customer demand, we are preparing to extend our landscaping section once again.


Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels, website and in store for some great landscaping products and offers over the spring months.


Posted on March 23, 2016 by Claire Savage