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Developer carves niche with project managed construction

When property developer and Peppard customer Glyn Rosser worked on his first renovation – a modest £44,000 three-bedroomed property in the early 1990s – he knew he had found his vocation.


Having spent time working in a mortuary and print sales, the owner of A4 Building & Project Management, Glyn Rosser admits that the opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.


“In 1990 I spent my working days sat right opposite my manager in a sales job I hated. It was tough going,” Glyn recalled. “Eventually I bought a derelict house with a friend and we set about renovating it and within just two weeks I was hooked.”


More than two decades later, and now a seasoned developer, Glyn now puts that enthusiasm and knowledge into other people’s projects.


Often working on period properties, he uses the skills he learned turning profits on his own developments to help owners save on their construction and renovation costs. He said: “Everybody should develop their home if possible in my opinion, after-all it is still the only method of generating tax free capital sums.”


Glyn added: “A4 Building & Project Management is quite different to other construction companies. Our fees are fixed, and pegged to the duration of works.


“I use considerable development experience and product knowledge to ensure that our customer’s project is built to the highest standard for the least spend.”


This unusual approach to developing properties has proved popular. Glyn explained that his hybrid approach to construction has drawn enquiries from budget conscious customers through to professional property developers.


In fact, such is the level of domestic and commercial enquiries; Glyn is recruiting additional admin and site management colleagues to cope with demand.


With a busy year and exciting plans ahead, when it comes to for A4 Building & Project Management, it really is a case of watch this space…


Posted on February 22, 2015 by Claire Savage