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Dual TLE




Product description

Mock-bond large format lightweight concrete roof tiles with a thin leading edge.


Key features

The Dual TLE is a thin slate-like interlocking concrete roof tile with one of the thinnest leading edges on the market. The Dual Thin Leading Edge (TLE) system adds a new visual aesthetic to the lightweight concrete tile, as it features a mock-bond, which suggests that each tile is actually two.

The main advantages of the DUAL TLE Concrete tile are:

  • Thinnest leading edge on the market.
  • The TLE’s large format size means you only need 9.5 tiles per m2.
  • The TLE come as a part of a full installation system that includes the membrane underneath the tiles, the dry fix mechanical solutions, ventilation and the ridge and hip fittings.
  • The TLE roof tiles are half the thickness of some alternative concrete tiles, while their lightweight nature has been designed to contribute to super-easy installation – all without any compromise on aesthetic appearance.
  • Interlocking concrete tiles deliver quick installation and exceptional performance.
  • The TLE system comes with a 15 year ROOFSPEC® guarantee.