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Fast and affordable building estimates

An innovative building estimate service is helping Peppard Building Supplies customers stay streets ahead when pricing new projects.


The service, which can cover anything from a small extension to a complete new build, uses pioneering software and quantification techniques to make it both fast and accurate.


It’s been designed for those involved in domestic building projects, whether developers, homeowners, or self-builders.


Ru Butler of Peppard Building Supplies said: “We have introduced this new service to our customers because not only does it give them a fair and accurate estimate, but they don’t have the headache of spending hours reviewing their plans and costs.


“Our customers to send us a set of complete plans and we’ll have them back in just a few days with all material quantities priced up.”


To take advantage of this service, customers need to provide elevation drawings, an existing and proposed floor plan, along with any other project specifications.


Prices start from as low £60 +VAT for an extension material list, which can be turned around within five days. If estimates are needed in a hurry then Peppard Building Supplies can offer a next day, or sometimes even a same day service.


Ru added: “There is little question that customers, as we see with Casa Properties in this newsletter, are getting busier. However, construction is still a competitive industry. This service aims to help builders and property developers take advantage of the available opportunities by providing fast and accurate quotes.”


If you would like to take advantage of this new service, then contact for further details.


Posted on May 21, 2015 by Claire Savage