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Insurance in construction

The Office for National Statistics has reported a revival in building which has boosted the UK’s construction sector.


The figures show the UK economy will grow this year, building on its 0.3% growth in the first three months of 2013.


So good news for the economy and the construction sector – but are you covering your own back?


Everyone needs insurance, from a sole trader to a small business – and working in the construction industry is no different.


There are all types of cover available tailored for your business and its industry.


A construction sites can be a dangerous place, despite health and safety regulations and equipment, it is your responsibility to ensure that not only yourself but also your employees are safe whilst at work.


If you have a number of staff who work for you outside your workplace, it is also important to ensure they are covered off work ground.


Don’t rely on other sites to have its own insurance – this isn’t always the case and can lead to disputes between businesses and work absences.


Of course construction insurance doesn’t just cover your employees, it also covers your machinery and materials.


Machinery and materials can be an expensive purchase, therefore the first target for any would be thief.


Insurance will cover you for any theft that occurs, meaning your machinery will be replaced so you don’t lose out on work and you will also be saved that hefty bill to replace the item.


Damage is also covered under insurance policies, although please do ensure you read what is exactly covered in terms of damage.


Insurance in construction is imperative, so no matter what size or type of business you are in ensure you are covered.



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Insurance in construction