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John Butler

It’s with great sadness we report the death of the founder of Peppard Building Supplies John Butler.


John, who was father to current directors Ru and Nick, was diagnosed with leukaemia in October 2014. While the diagnosis was initially a shock to the family, they were reassured it was a stable form of the disease.


Unfortunately it became more aggressive and John passed away in February this year, aged 74. He left behind his wife Penny, sons Ru and Nic and three grandchildren


Around 250 mourners attended the funeral and his passing has been keenly felt by the Butler family.


John, was the fourth generation owner of Arthur Butler Builders Limited but then went on to set up Peppard Building Supplies with his brother Peter in the 1960s. While much of the technology, marketing and systems have changed over the intervening 50 years, this is still a family-run business and John’s legacy is very much evident.


John started the business with traditional values such as customer service and loyalty to staff. Those values helped the business grow to what it is today and whatever else changes, his sons are determined they will continue to be the cornerstone of Peppard Building Supplies.


Both Nick and Ru would like to express their thanks to you our customers for the support you have given us and for the kind messages they have received since the passing of their father.   


Posted on May 20, 2015 by Claire Savage