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Naturally tough on patio stains

It was a good summer, which means patios across Henley and Reading that hosted a lot of barbecues and summer parties may not be looking their best this autumn.


For paved areas that need sprucing up, Pavetuf has created a range of professional grade cleaners that are also environmentally friendly.


The Pavetuf maintenance range includes products for general and deep cleaning as well as specialist fluids to remove ‘green’ stains caused by soil or foliage and ‘Salt Eraser’ to remove efflorescence and salt staining.


The range includes:


·      Green-Off Cleaner – a high performance product designed to tackle natural and all organic soiling.

·      Deep Cleaner– a heavy duty and powerful cleaner for stone, clay and concrete paths, drives and patios, perfect for removing stubborn greasy stains. 

·      General Cleaner – an everyday use product and recommended for use before applying Pavetuf sealer.

·      Salt Eraser – for the removal and on-going repellent of salt/efflorescence from stone.


All of the cleaners can be used on stone, whether it has been Pavetuf sealed or not, and will not damage its surface. 


Posted on September 26, 2014 by Claire Savage