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Peppard Building Supplies rated number one by its customers

By Tony Crutcher, independent marketing contractor


Customers have rated Peppard Building Supplies as the number one builder’s merchant in the Reading and Henley areas.


The rating comes from an independent customer survey that asked people to score Peppard for the things that matter to them. Questions covered topics such as product availability, customer service and ability to deliver on time.


It goes without saying that being rated number one is an excellent result, but it is made all the more impressive when you consider the size of area and amount of competition Peppard faces.


In total Peppard Building Supplies had an 84 per cent approval rating and was ranked 16 per cent above its competitors.


This is a strong result for an industry that is so unpredictable in terms of inclement weather, seasonality, manufacturers shortages, customer demand and the breadth of products that need to be held in stock.


As an independent marketing contractor to this sector, I know that one big issue for builder’s merchants is that they don’t make their customers feel valued. However, as an independently owned, family-run business, this is not the case for Peppard.


The company is rated exceptionally high for its ‘all round service,’ with customer service rated a staggering 40 per cent higher than its competitors.


In fact, all other service attributes were in double percentage points above other near-by builder’s merchants.


A number of years ago I carried out a similar survey for Peppard. Following that survey, owners Ru and Nick Butler worked hard to improve the business, while still keeping that focus on the customer.


They have invested in a number of new vehicles to ensure timely deliveries, reconfigured the site to make it more accessible, introduced new stock lines and brought in new staff.


The findings of this survey suggest that the changes made in those intervening years have all been for the better and customers are feeling the benefits.


Posted on November 13, 2016 by Claire Savage