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Plain tile: Barrow




Product description

A handcrafted, cross cambered clay plain tile with a lightly sanded finish.


Key features

The main advantages of Barrow plain tiles are:

  • The Barrow plain tile is available in five colours - Burnt Oak, Dark Rusper, Bay Brown, Light Rusper and Red Basalt

  • The New Red Basalt colour gives the appearance of an aged, blackened roof with subtle red tones

  • You can take advantage of Barrow’s ability to mix colours creating your own personal unique brindle mix roofing design

  • The Barrow plain tile is made from Sandtoft's extensive clay reserves which were formed over 10,000 years ago

  • Sanded by hand using recycled foundry sands

  • Perfect for heritage roofing projects

  • With Barrow’s subtle irregular form, each roof tile is unique, creating an aged roof with a lot of character

  • Colour permanent natural clay