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TIER® standard range



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Product description

Standard: TIER® Standard Range consists of two components, panels and quoins. These modular panels fit seamlessly together while the quoins blocks are used at the corner of the wall in order to provide an authentic drystone wall feature.   TIER’s clever yet simple “Z” formation allows each section to effortlessly fit together to produce a drystone appearance whether used internally or externally  


It’s interlocking structure eliminating the need for specialist stonemason labour making it the ideal choice for dinning / living room areas, kitchens, courtyards, verandas, external house walls or anywhere where you wish to create a stunning statement wall.


Tier’s standard range of natural stone panels are all unique in colour, size and texture so whether you have a commercial or residential project take a look at the Tier natural stone panels now supplied in the Reading, Henley and Oxfordshire areas through Peppard Building Supplies, your local, family run, independent builders merchant.


Key features

  • Available in Multicolour, Slate, Quartz, Red Sandstone, Rustic Granite or Thin Slate
  • TIER panels interlock together easily.
  • Construction process is fast and efficient
  • Install up to 30m2 per day
  • No need for a specialist stonemason.
  • Made from natural stone.
  • Each TIER interlocking modular panel is unique in  colours, sizes and textures.
  • TIER uses a larger base panel allowing a greater variation in stone sizes to give an authentic drystone appearance.
  • Traditional stone walling can have up to 25% wastage, TIER has virtually none.