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TimberDrive heavy duty screws 7mm x 100mm



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Product description

TimberDrive heavy duty fixing for both timber-to-timber and component-to-timber applications. Specifically designed for ease of use and speed of application when used with a powertool. Green organic coating designed for treated timbers.


Pack 25 including free Hexagon driver bit


Key features

Why use TimberDrive?


  • Hexagon bit ensures consistent drive & allows for high torque when required
  • Under-head ribbing for easy countersinking
  • Heat treated shank for ease of penetration & maximum pullout strength
  • Gimlet point required no pre-drilling
  • Green organic coating has proven weather resistant record & is recommended for use with treated timbers
  • Screws lubricated to reduce friction

Where can timber drive be used?

Beams, rafters, stairs, floor joists, timber decking, wooden landscape retaining walls, fencing