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VELUX - top-hung white polyurethane finish (GPU)



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Product description

VELUX’s Top-Hung GPU Roof Windows come with a timber core with moulded white polyurethane finish, making them ideal for humid rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Opening to any position up to 45º, they are ideal at creating extra headroom, a feeling of increased space, and panoramic views. These windows are designed to be used in rooms where the bottom handle can be easily reached for operation.


Key features

• Top-Hung - stays open to any position up to 45º

• Convenient handle at the bottom of the window. Rotates 180º and locks in place for easy cleaning of outer pane.

• Powerful yet gentle springs make it easy to open.

• High quality - moulded polyurethane with timber core.

• Complements other white windows in the building.

• Moisture resistant. Ideal for rooms with high humidity.

• Maintenance free and easy to wipe clean.

• Comes with white bottom handle. • Can be used for emergency escape.