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Village Reclaimed roof tile




Product description

Natural clay plain roof tiles with varied colour and texture that creates the appearance of an aged roof from new.


Key features

Main advantages of the Village plain tile are:

  • The Village plain tile's double cambered design adds character, providing a rustic look that will blend into its surroundings

  • Its small scale and double camber are ideal for creating distinctive roof designs or providing solutions for complex renovations

  • Like all clay tiles its distinctive colour will never fade but slowly mature over many years


  • From turrets and conical roofs to the sweeping curves of an eyebrow feature, the Village offers real design flexibility combined with striking aesthetics

  • Can be adapted with ease and speed on site for details such as hips, abutments and vertical work

  • Tiles and fittings can be cut swiftly with further time savings achieved through reduced wear on cutting apparatus

  • Village has been carefully crafted to complement the Arcadia pantile

  • The versatility of Village also extends to vertical tiling work for which it is ideally suited

  • Pressed from natural alluvial Humber clay, this premium material delivers improved longevity and natural beauty
  • Clay's irregularity adds charm and texture to any roof
  • Colour fastness