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When faced with a challenging refurb charity finds a way

When a local charity for people with learning disabilities and mental health issues was faced with a challenging move, it turned to some nearby businesses for help.


Frances Hill, CEO of The Ways and Means Trust, explained: “Until recently, we operated on two sites: one in Caversham and the other in Rotherfield Peppard.  We rented both premises but the one at the Caversham site, which we had occupied for 44 years, was sold and we were given notice to leave by the end of May 2014. 


“We looked for premises in Caversham but found nothing suitable.  However, we found an alternative building on the Rotherfield Peppard site, which required quite extensive modifications.”


Having found the right site, The Ways & Means Trust turned to Peppard Building Supplies, among others, to help realise its vision.


True to their name the charity found a way and raised £25,000 to pay for the necessary work.


As it provides training and work experience for its clients in commercial packaging, catering and horticulture, much of the money was spent fitting out the new site with a warehouse, food preparation and other facilities.


The team at Peppard was only too happy to help out, which made the feedback from The Ways & Means Trust truly appreciated.


Frances said: “Peppard Building Supplies are a friendly, helpful, dedicated group of people, who have helped us enormously with every stage of our relocation. No question is too trivial, from what size of plumbing joints to buy, to much needed advice and guidance on purchasing an oil tank. 


“Their commitment to support a small community charity like ourselves is exemplary and without it, our move would not have gone so smoothly.”  


After a lot of hard work the charity is settling into its new site, but is always looking for support to carry out its valuable work. For more information on The Ways & Means Trust go to: .


Posted on December 4, 2014 by Claire Savage

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