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Peppards have recently expanded their roofing range

At Peppard Building Supplies we continually look for ways of improving our services and products for our customers, so we are delighted to announce that we recently expanded our range of roofing materials.

As well as investing in higher levels of stock which will ensure that its available for you when you need it, we are also adding the Sandtoft range to our tile selection. Our extended stock now includes concrete plain tiles, Humber plain clay tiles and Alban handcrafted plain tiles in a variety of colours and finishes. We also have a comprehensive range of tile fittings; a larger range of graded red batten in various sections and lengths; breather felts and ventilation and dry fix products - all at competitive prices.

Being truly independent means we are able to source roofing products from many manufacturers, using the knowledge of our customers’ requirement for roofing materials to pick the best that’s available.

We hope our expanded range and our experience in the industry will mean that you will consider Peppard Building Supplies as your ‘one stop’ merchant – for roofing stock and also for technical advice or help with assessing quantities. Remember we are always happy to visit you on site to talk about your use of our stock.

Please contact our specialist sales department if you want to know more or have any queries.


Posted on September 20, 2017 by Ru Butler


How to estimate a renovation or development project accurately

No matter how much time and effort is put in at the planning stage, it is not uncommon for costed items or up-to-date labour rates to be missed out of an estimate. Also with the changing materials market affecting prices, due in part to the impact of Brexit, which is already causing huge fluctuations and increases, especially on stock and timber products, it is not always possible for the material costs to be truly accurate.


The implications can be great for your business way down the line if your estimate is way too low, when money or profit margins are already tight. There are challenges enough with any building project without difficult discussions with clients or the bank.


Having provided costs on building materials for over 50 years we know the importance of speed and how our building customers need to claw back time. Working late at night producing estimates for potential customers is never easy, especially with the early starts on site the next day! We have found a solution for this. At Peppard Building Supplies we can now provide an easy-to use online estimation tool that enables you to accurately and quickly cost your job, down to the penny or last nail! Save time, money and stress!


Being accessible from any web browser it also means that you can use it from your mobile on site- and the result is a full breakdown of materials, costs and labour plus a quantified schedule, downloadable in pdf, excel or word format. All you need to do is upload your proposed floor plans or elevations. With the Estimator tool, you can now be more confident about your profit margins; it enables you to add in a contingency and helps you manage the budget for the lifetime of the job.


A bonus is that it can also show you where you can save costs on certain materials that you’d never have thought about prior to using the estimator tool.


One of our customers, Roz Chandler, has recently accepted a complex renovation project and has used the tool:


“Having embarked on improvement projects in the past which have run over budget through poor planning, I was dreading the same for my current renovation project. What a different experience – I couldn’t believe how simple it was to use. Within minutes of loading up my plans and inputting the skills I plan to use, I had a detailed estimate and schedule of costs by each building stage. It’s is such great value too and I know I have made far more in materials savings than I paid for the tool – and importantly there will be no surprises for me down the line.


The cost for accessing our online estimator tool is just £100+VAT – a small price to pay for the level of savings you’ll see straight away.


If you’d like to try out the Peppard Building Supplies estimator tool get in touch today and one of our experts will guide you through it. Call us now to enquire 0118​ ​9722028



Posted on September 9, 2017 by Ru Butler

Builder architect

Reading and Henley's brick specialist

At Peppard Building Supplies we say that we can match any brick you can throw at us. While that statement is slightly tongue in cheek (if only for health and safety reasons) we do have one of the most extensive ranges of bricks in the area and a matching service that is second to none.


Currently we can supply from stock around 70 different brick types, from the very common London Brick Fletton range to bespoke grey glazed headers for true authenticity.


For example, as many of the older houses in Reading and Henley were built in the Victorian era using bricks sourced from local brickworks, Peppard stocks a range to match these properties in both metric and imperial sizes.


We can also provide competitively priced bricks that are in keeping with the local architecture.


If you are after something a little more unusual, we have a great library of brick samples and literature from most suppliers to help you track down the perfect match.


Over the years, Peppard has supplied bricks for a vast array of projects, from National Trust properties through to churches, pizza ovens, river wildlife refuges and of course many local developments.


Technical Director Neil Bryant leads our expert team of advisers and has been with Peppard since 1987. Neil helps ensure a constant supply of quality bricks at Peppard and, with almost 30 years experience, has seen most varieties asked for in the local area.


He explained how the brick matching service works:Generally we take the enquiry over the phone, trade counter or internet and try and gather as much information as possible.


“We will also visit a site if needed, where we take will take photos of the bricks to be matched and get a general understanding of the project.”


Neil explained that the photographs can be emailed to Peppard’s suppliers to create a match and obtain samples for site approval if required.


“We will try to match any job including bricks that are out of current production, special bespoke shapes and sizes and work within an agreed budget, and we also keep a range of special shapes including copings, plinths and squints” Neil added.


“Often we can suggest an alternative to a specified brick which will save money or drastically reduce availability issues.”


Perhaps most importantly at Peppard we aim to hold not only a great breadth of stock but also depth, which means that we will generally have enough stock to complete most projects. In turn, this helps to reduce batch complaints and availability issues. 


Posted on November 13, 2016 by Claire Savage

Reading and Henley brick stockist Peppard Building Supplies

Peppard Building Supplies rated number one by its customers

By Tony Crutcher, independent marketing contractor


Customers have rated Peppard Building Supplies as the number one builder’s merchant in the Reading and Henley areas.


The rating comes from an independent customer survey that asked people to score Peppard for the things that matter to them. Questions covered topics such as product availability, customer service and ability to deliver on time.


It goes without saying that being rated number one is an excellent result, but it is made all the more impressive when you consider the size of area and amount of competition Peppard faces.


In total Peppard Building Supplies had an 84 per cent approval rating and was ranked 16 per cent above its competitors.


This is a strong result for an industry that is so unpredictable in terms of inclement weather, seasonality, manufacturers shortages, customer demand and the breadth of products that need to be held in stock.


As an independent marketing contractor to this sector, I know that one big issue for builder’s merchants is that they don’t make their customers feel valued. However, as an independently owned, family-run business, this is not the case for Peppard.


The company is rated exceptionally high for its ‘all round service,’ with customer service rated a staggering 40 per cent higher than its competitors.


In fact, all other service attributes were in double percentage points above other near-by builder’s merchants.


A number of years ago I carried out a similar survey for Peppard. Following that survey, owners Ru and Nick Butler worked hard to improve the business, while still keeping that focus on the customer.


They have invested in a number of new vehicles to ensure timely deliveries, reconfigured the site to make it more accessible, introduced new stock lines and brought in new staff.


The findings of this survey suggest that the changes made in those intervening years have all been for the better and customers are feeling the benefits.


Posted on November 13, 2016 by Claire Savage

Meet the Henley and Reading SAS Landscaping squad

A crack team of hard landscapers, SAS Landscaping is local business that has built a reputation for attention to detail.


Having started as a one-man band in 2004, the squad is now up to six people working all year round on landscaping and fencing projects across the Caversham and Henley areas.


Set up by Simon Stokes, SAS Landscaping has been a Peppard Building Supplies customer for 12 years.


Over those years, the business has grown through recommendations and, now works with home-owners as well as garden designers and developers for larger scale project.


Simon explained: “We are very lucky to be kept busy with projects in a 10-mile radius, although we do go further afield to areas such as Ascot and Sunningdale.


“Day-to-day work could include anything from fixing a fence panel through to laying a patio or landscaping an area from scratch.


“Many people are surprised to hear that we work all year around, but as long as there’s no extreme weather, we can usually keep a project going.”


The trend when it comes to patios, he explains, is for a clean and contemporary look.


“Ninety-nine out of 100 people want natural stone for their patio,” he said. “It’s a good quality product that looks great, weathers well and compares well in terms of cost to some concrete alternatives,” he said.


Raised vegetable beds are another popular feature, in particular for family gardens as more people like to educate their children about gardening and food.


This trend for natural products and home-grown produce carries through to the gardens themselves.


“With larger gardens, we have laid wildflower turf with a grass pathway through an area, which looks really effective,” Simon said. “A more cost-effective option to the turf is to spread wildflower earth in the garden.”


Gravel drives are an enduring favourite, and resin versions are a low maintenance choice as they don’t move.


Permeable block paving is another popular choice, particularly Brett Alpha Flow for a more traditional look or Omega Flow, which suits modern properties.


Whatever the products SAS Landscaping uses, they are mostly sourced from Peppard Building Supplies.


“I started using Peppard because it was an independent merchant a couple of miles from my home,” Simon said. “Over the years I have built up a really good relationship with staff and the owners and they always go the extra mile. That combined with the quality of products and breadth of stock has kept me going back, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”


Posted on October 20, 2016 by Claire Savage

Kerb appeal that lasts with K Rend silicone render

If you are looking for a render product that offers lasting kerb appeal, K Rend has a great product range.


With 25 years of render manufacturing and producing experience, K Rend has grown to become one of the UK’s market leaders in silicone coloured renders.


Render was originally manufactured to protect properties from the elements, however, silicon technology means that K Rend’s products offer a low-maintenance and durable finish.


Some of the benefits of this technologically advanced render include it being:

·      water repellent;

·      low maintenance;

·      designed to allow the structure to breathe;

·      created to give a natural looking finish;

·      available in an extensive colour range.


The silicone technology used by K Rend products gives them a high degree of water repellency, while still allowing the substrate to breathe.


While it is cement-based, the finish with K Rend is drier than traditional render, meaning it is more resistant to algae growth and the natural phenomenon of lime bloom.


K Rend comes in a wide range of colours, giving you or your customers an excellent choice of finishes.


As this colour is built into the product, it takes away the need to repaint the render, meaning it is long-lasting and low maintenance.


This ensures that a property maintains that freshly rendered appearance for a longer period then traditional products.



Contractor support


K Rend offers product training at its Centre of Excellence in Northern Ireland.


The one-day course is open to anyone and delivers 75 per cent hands-on and 25 per cent classroom-based, technical training.


By completing the course you will receive:

·      K Rend Certificate to show to customers

·      Samples and a literature pack

·      Technical presentation

·      Hi-vis vest

·      Pen and van livery

·      Opportunity to become a ‘K Rend Applicator’.

The courses are run each month throughout the year, with free transfers from the airport, breakfast and lunch provided.


To find out more email or telephone 028 28262138.





Posted on October 16, 2016 by Claire Savage

Paving the way for landscaping projects in Reading and Henley

Paving can transform the exterior of a property, helping to lift a garden and add kerb appeal to a home.


At Peppard we have one of the widest ranges of paving supplies in the area, with everything from natural stone through to the latest vitrified tiles.


Natural stone is an enduring trend in landscaping, with an appeal that’s hard to beat. Robust and frost resistant, natural stone comes with a unique blend of colours and tones and retains its look over time.


It can also be surprisingly affordable, with some products costing little more than their concrete counterparts.


At Peppard we stock the Natural Paving range, of ethically sourced, stone products, which include flagstones, cobblestones and block paving.


From warm pink sandstones, through to cool cream travertine, grey granite, through to charcoal slate and onyx quartzite, the flagstone range comes in singles as well as project packs.


One of the key trends is for paving in uniform sizes, laid linear to give a very contemporary look.


Another trend is for vitrified – or ceramic – paving tiles, which are much thicker than the ones used for interior floors.


Low porosity means that vitrified paving is easy to keep clean. It is also highly durable, frost proof and resistant to attack from moss, mould, salt and pesticides.


Vitrified paving tiles at Peppard come in a range from pale cream through to light grey, blue and black. This range also allows you to match the indoor and outdoor tiles to create a seamless think between inside and out.


Each vitrified tile comes in a 10mm option for indoors and a 20mm variety for outside, creating a look that is ideal for rooms with bi-folding doors through to the garden.


For the final touch to any paving project is the grouting mortar. We have a range of different colours available at Peppard and it’s important to remember that the colour chosen can transform the look of the paving, so should be selected carefully.


Posted on July 5, 2016 by Claire Savage

Block and beam flooring gains popularity

Block and beam flooring has never been more in demand at Peppard Building Supplies.


Also known as a suspended floor, the block and beam system offers a number of advantages over wet concrete.


Quick and relatively simple to install, block and beam floors are less weather dependent than concrete and create an immediate, safe working platform that is rot proof and fire resistant.


They provide good thermal properties and have been used for years in apartment blocks to create suspended floors that help with noise reduction.


At Peppard Building Supplies we can deliver block and beam flooring with a fast turnaround of just a week and sometimes as little as a few days.


Benefits of block and beam flooring:


  • Ideal for sites where access is an issue

  • It can be laid in all weathers

  • Eliminates the ‘bounce’ associated with timber floors

  • Shrinkage is minimal and block and beam floors do not creak

  • Widely used in housing to produce quieter homes

  • Simple installation techniques

  • As soon as the flooring is installed, it can safely be used as a working platform

  • Thermal flooring systems can be used as are a simple and cost-effective way to create a fully insulated suspended floor

  • Blocks can be easily removed if services, such as wires or pipes, need to be laid under the floor


Posted on July 5, 2016 by Claire Savage

Positive changes in store at Peppard

New sales manager Richard Van Peebles is a face you can expect to see more of during the coming months.


Richard, who has worked in construction for a number of years, joined Peppard Building Supplies in March and has wasted no time in making his mark.


Working with the sales team, Richard has instigated a system to ensure that customers get a more personalised service at Peppard.


“We are bringing in a system where customers get a personal account manager,” Richard said. “This level of service will include site visits, to help us to build up a stronger understanding of the customer’s projects and be able to better anticipate their needs.”


Richard has also implemented a new customer relationship management system.


“One of the clear benefits of using Peppard is the customer service,” he said. “As the business grows, we want to make sure that our customers continue to get an outstanding level of attention.”


Richard who now lives in the Reading area after a brief spell in Panama explained that the ambition of owners Ru and Nick Butler attracted to the management role.


“Both Ru and Nick have a very clear idea of how we should be serving customers,” he said.


“We also have an experienced sales team in place, with plans to recruit two more people, and together that makes Peppard an exciting place to work.”


Ru Butler, sales and marketing director of Peppard Building Supplies, said that Richard had become an asset to the team.


“Richard has brought in a combination of experience and genuine enthusiasm that has helped him gel very quickly with the team,” Ru said.


“While the changes that he’s brought to Peppard are still bedding in, the results are already showing with an improved customer focus that has translated to two of our best months in terms of sales.” 


Posted on July 5, 2016 by Claire Savage

Building up to a great year

There’s little doubt that 2015 was a good year for many of our customers and, as a result, for us here at Peppard Building Supplies.


Locally there’s been a lot of activity in the property market. The relaxation of planning regulations has undoubtedly helped homeowners and developers move forward with projects.


Along with new homes being built, as house prices increased, many people have opted to extend their properties rather than move, making brisk business for the trade.


There’s little sign of that pace slowing down. Having spoken to many of our leading customers, the consensus is that we are looking at another positive 12 months ahead.


Here at Peppard, having recently recruited two new salespeople, we are looking to expand the team once more to ensure that as you – and we – get busier customers still get a great level of service.


Among those new openings will be a sales manager. This will be a key position for someone who will look after our customers and ensure you receive an exceptional level of service.


On the supply side, after far too many of these columns talking about shortages, I’m pleased to say that manufacturers have caught up with demand. This in turn should mean stable prices for the foreseeable future.


The only caveat to that good news is that aggregates continue to be under localised pressure due to lack of supply.


As we move into spring, in response to customer demand, we are preparing to extend our landscaping section once again.


Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels, website and in store for some great landscaping products and offers over the spring months.


Posted on March 23, 2016 by Claire Savage