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Blocks are a fundamental part of modern, building structure and Peppard Building Supplies, based in Reading, has large stocks of high-quality concrete and Aircrete blocks, suitable for a range of building projects, from well-known manufacturers such as Quinn, Toplite, Plasmor and Cemex. Whether you are extending a property or building a more energy efficient home, it is important that you have the right blocks for the job. The Peppard range of blocks includes; Foundation Blocks, Aircrete Blocks, Fibolite Blocks, Hollow Concrete Blocks, Medium Dense Concrete Blocks and Dense Concrete Blocks.
With a variety of different densities and styles, our concrete blocks are suitable for several applications, including both below and above ground. Dense, solid concrete blocks such as Cemex Dense Concrete blocks will ensure sound wall construction, whereas lightweight, aerated blocks such as Tarmac’s Toplite GTI Block, provide excellent insulation.
All concrete blocks available at Peppard have low thermal conductivity and good acoustic performance, with varying strengths and acoustic properties, and are both versatile and adaptable. Our range of concrete blocks is suitable for use in foundations, ground floor applications, block and beam floors, cavity walls and solid walls.
These can be supplied from our depots on crane offload vehicles or direct to site for those that require volume.