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Peppard Building Supplies is located in, and delivers to Reading and the surrounding areas for both domestic and commercial projects. We have a range of timber and sheet materials including oriented strand board with both OSB2 and OSB 3 available from reputable manufacturers such as Kronospan.

 Strong, stable and more sustainable, oriented strand board (OSB) is replacing plywood within some areas of the construction industry. OSB is also used instead of standard plaster-based construction materials.

To produce oriented strand board, timber is sliced into long chips called strands. These are laid in three or four perpendicular layers and bonded using ECO resin. The result is a strong board that resists moisture, giving it a high load capacity.

Flexible yet strong, OSB board is used for many applications


Peppard currently offers two grade of Kronospan flooring OSB products, OSB2 and OSB3 both of which are available in various depths. OSB2 is approved for non-structural applications while OSB3 is suitable for structural use .


If you need further advice or assistance with your OSB selection, please contact one of our experts here.